February 26, 2017


The banking industry is faced with a number of strategic challenges, and contending with the changing and uncertain compliance and regulatory environment is certainly prominent among them.  In the past, in an effort to meet increasingly rigorous regulatory and compliance pressure from a multiplicity of regulators, many banking institutions operated in a reactive mode – only changing in response to regulatory directives and examination results – but that approach has begun to shift toward a more proactive coordinated strategy of addressing compliance issues while improving business performance and the customer experience.

Whether your organization prefers the reactive mode or a more proactive approach, and whether it’s a matter of dealing with the bank regulators or securities regulators — or both — the SFC Consulting Group can be of assistance.

Among the types of compliance, regulatory and risk management consulting services we offer are:

  • Conduct reviews of the bank’s compliance program
  • Provide guidance and draft procedures in connection with the applicable Federal and state statutes and rules and regulations of, among others, the FED, OCC, SEC, FINRA, CFPB and state authorities
  • Design and implement comprehensive BSA/AML Compliance Programs and conduct independent AML Tests
  • Assist banks in ensuring that they have the necessary controls in place to detect and notify law enforcement authorities of money laundering, terrorist financing and other criminal acts
  • Establish a regimen designed to ensure that SARs reporting is done in a proper and timely manner
  • Liaise with internal auditors and interface with both bank and securities regulators
  • Assist the bank and/or its affiliates in preparing for regulatory exams and responding to examination findings
  • Develop and assist in the administration of compliance training programs
  • Review and evaluate the firm’s cybersecurity program and procedures, provide training for employees, and test and verify the firm’s cybersecurity protection and preparedness

The SEC-FINRA COMPLIANCE Consulting Group has offices in the New York metropolitan area and Florida and Consultants located throughout the United States.  For more information on the types of compliance, regulatory and risk management products and consulting services we provide and how we can be of assistance to you and your firm, please contact us today, either by telephone (800-SEC-9906) or email, for a free consultation.